October 13, 2014

Sunchasers Developer Diary #7

We have clothes!

Well, our protagonist finally does, at least. Clothes, and a full set of hair. There's still some refinement and shading missing, but she's looking good enough for now and at the very least I can work on Sunchasers on the bus again without my screen being filled with a naked androgene.

I've also figured out how to decouple the spacebar from the UI such that it no longer triggers the menu to appear, so I've gotten rid of that god-awful Left Shift hack from the last build, and we're back to using the Space bar for interacting with things again.

Hmm, what else... The high scores now actually persist from one session to another. The version on the web will only show the scores that were set on your current computer, but at least it is saving them now ;)

There were a couple of other under-the-hood changes that no one but me is really interested in, so I will say that it feels damn damn damn good to finally have that player sprite finished. Damn good.

Next week, I'm hoping to finish the mouse / touch controls. It's a biggie, but a necessary feature if I want to be able to play Sunchasers on a phone

And I do.

I've been playing around with some other game ideas on mobile lately and it's addictively fun, so I'm eager to play Sunchasers on my phone one day :)

Ready to see how your player looks when she's properly clothed? Play the October 13th, 2014 build of Sunchasers.

The code I write to make Sunchasers be a thing is available at GitHub.

Leave a message in the comments to let me know what you think, and dump any bugs / suggestions / ideas in the GitHub issue queue.