August 6, 2014

Sunchasers Developer Diary #2

Well, today's update isn't quite as glamorous as the last one, in which I unveiled Sunchasers and posted a build for everyone to share.

I've hit an interesting point this week wherein the game needs some bugfixes and tweaking, but a lot of what's next to do is visual art. Since I'm still learning that side of pixel-art, it's taking quite a bit longer than expected.

The upcoming week will focus on creating an animation template for all the actors (player / enemies / NPCs), so there probably won't be anything new to build next week. Once that animation template is done, however, I can start 'painting' the individual actor pixel-art on top of the animations and we'll get some nice-looking sprites out of it. There are still lots of frames to draw, but here's a shot of the animation template as it currently stands:

I've also been working on an idea that provides a little bit of backstory as the player progresses through the levels. It's not fully formed and I'm not certain it fits into a simple arcade game like this, but I like the idea of having a bit of connective tissue between each of the levels, so I'm going to keep poking at it.

Now then, here's a list of changes since last week, and the requisite links to the new build / github tag.

Want to give it a try? Click here to play today's release.

Also, the git tag for this release is available on GitHub.

  • How-to-play instructions were incorrect.
  • Level resets didn't properly reset the player and towel.
  • The player stopped animating when walking further than one square per button press
  • Photoshop-filter-heavy chair sprites were replaced with hand-built pixel art sprite.
  • The player can no longer walk over top over chairs to the north / south of current position.
  • There's now a coming soon page for Pixel Pistol

If you find any bugs or want to suggest specific features, go ahead and create an issue on the GitHub repo if you have an account (otherwise, just post in the comments below).

As always, leave your feedback / thoughts / dreams / etc. in the comments below.